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What a game!!!

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I dont know where to begin.....

Talked to a few different Kansas fans. Great people, and great fans. Was a real pleasure talking to opposing team fans with great respect. Kansas, your QB was just lights out. I believed that he was good, but wasnt sure exactly how good. Wow, what a kid. Not to sound like a homer, but if I think that there is a QB in college that is just like Matt, its your QB. I would sit there and say, "he is going down..." wow, he was just unstoppable. How bout the entire team? MVP goes to the entire team, everybody played like 'gods'. I cant say enough how much I both respect the Kansas team and their fans. Talked to a fella and his wife in the parking lot for about 15 mins after the game. Great people, talked about how they enjoyed their experience and what not. I truly became an auburn fan last year after the game. I can say that I feel the same about Kansas. Not only because the better they do, the better it will make us look. I truly wish you guys the best of luck this year, and hope you run the entire Big 12. It was nice to get payback from 06, that game ended tough for us. Again, good luck this year, have a safe trip back to Kansas, and it was a pleasure talking to you at the game and on the board.

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