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Getting Ready - Week Five

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Time for your weekly dosage of the season preview primer, Getting Ready.  We've manged to stumble our way to Week Five in the upcoming season, examining games that might be of interest to diehard USF fans.  It's week five and finally the Big East starts conference play.  No, I did not just say that I want the league to split and add more teams.  Please do not hijack this thread and make it into one of those, 'I think the BE should add [insert your favorite team(s) here] when it expands' threads.  We suffered enough of those already.  That would be like being sentenced to be a CDOA defensive coordinator....but that's another issue, for another time  8).  To the games....

Friday, September 26th

UConn @ Louisville - What an intriguing start to conference play.  This is a rematch of the fair-catch-that-wasn't game from last year.  Tune in to ESPN2 to see what the BE zeebs will screw up this year.

Saturday, September 27th

Pittsburgh @ Syracuse - Wanny heads to the Carrier Dome.  Remember how Syracuse tore Louisville a new one to open league play last year?  This will tell us a lot about the Panthers.  Pretender or contender?

Marshall @ West Virginia - WVU's nuisance game.  Yet another reason why politicians need to stay out of college sports.

Cincy @ Akron - Cincy continues its romp through the MAC.  They will probably clinch the MAC's eastern division championship after beating up on Akron.

Morgan State @ Rutgers - Did I just type that correctly?  Really?  This is an actual college football game?

Purdue @ Notre Dame - Hopefully Purdue is on their game for this one.  Another loss for ND would be nice.

USF @ NC State - This will not be an easy game for the Bulls.  Carter-Finley stadium can be a very tough venue, especially as the Pack will be much improved this year.  The Bulls will need to be sharp to even the series with the Pack.

Some other games that may be of interest to the broader fan of college football include:

Tennessee @ Auburn

Wisconsin @ Michigan

Alabama @ Georgia

Illinois @ Penn State

Week Five marks the end of OOC play for the Bulls and the beginning of BE conference games for half the league.  Next week....the October grind begins.  See ya then.


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Once again you’ve given us another great weekly analysis, Normal.

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