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Hotel bookings for upcoming season

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Reading the Louisville/Cinci thread got us thinking about making some reservations for the upcoming year.  So we booked a hotel near the stadium in Louisville, the Marriott Courtyard Airport.  From what we can tell the hotel is about 1 mile from the stadium so we should be able to leave the car at the hotel.  But then that means we have to do the organized tailgate party which starts way too late for us usually.  OK, so maybe we'll take the car.  Booked it for Thur - Monday to allow time for some sightseeing.  Would move up to the Cinci area on Monday if we decide to do both games.

Also booked a hotel near the FIU campus.  Again, a Marriott Courtyard that another Bulls fan has booked a room.  Now if we can only get tickets...

Have friends in NC so no hotel needed up there.

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