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Court Rivals


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Anyone play?Just signed up myself yesterday.


Court Rivals is a browser based game. The objective of the game is to have your team win the league championship. You can accomplish this by assembling a team of 10 players and having each member of your team train his or her attributes.

The amount you can train daily is limited by the number of training credits you have. Every day at midnight ET, you receive a fresh set of training credits with which you can train.

Every morning/night at 4 AM ET, if you are on a team then you will play in a simulated game. A box score will be generated for the simulated game so that you can login after the game and determine how your player did.

There is a full tutorial for Court Rivals that is automatically displayed when you first create an account and login to the game. If you are unsure of the details regarding how to play, then please follow the tutorial.

Court Rivals is a new type of fantasy sport where YOU assume the role of the player in a simulated basketball league:

Train your player's skills and improve his game

Join a team with friends or create your own team

Challenge other teams owned by real people like you around the world

Win individual awards or a championship banner

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