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Obscure Golfing Terms


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Golf has given us some unusual and colorful terms to  describe shots:

The better known ones are  shank, chili-dip, skull, duck-hook, worn-burner, etc.

Here's a few maybe you haven't heard of.  If you understand all of them, you must know your history, current events, and urban myths.

A "Paris Hilton" - a very expensive hole

A "James Joyce" - a putt that's impossible to read

A "Rock Hudson" - a putt that it looked straight, but wasn't

A "Saddam Hussein" - from one bunker into another

A "Yasser Arafat" - butt ugly and in the sand

A "John Kennedy Jr." - didn't quite make it over the water

An "Elephant Ass" - it's high and it stinks

A "Rodney King" - over-clubbed

An "O.J. Simpson" - got away with one

A "Princess Grace" - should have used a driver

A "Princess Di" - shouldn't have used the driver

A "Condom" - safe, but didn't feel very good

A "Brazilian" - shaved the hole

A "Rush Limbaugh" - a bit too far right

A "Nancy Pelosi" - way too far left

A "Barbara Streisand" - ugly, but still working

A "Ted Kennedy" - goes in the water, and jumps out

A "Pee Wee Herman" - too much wrist

A "Sonny Bono" - straight into the trees

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Golf is a great game.

I used to golf with a guy in Tampa that had a name for every shot.  I think he studied the Golf joke books more than the instructional books.  Sure was fun.

I used to hit the Sonny Bono a lot.  Out here in the desert, I guess I'm mostly hitting the Arafat now...

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