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Jenkins' Mother Rushed to Hospital after Mike Picked...

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Nothing serious, apparently, just the excitement of the day got to her.  Nice transcript of Mike's conversation with Cowboys.com, too:


Mike Jenkins Conference Call Transcript

DallasCowboys.com Report

April 26, 2008 11:19 PM

Jenkins joins fellow South Florida cornerback Anthony Henry, a starter on the right side.

IRVING, Texas - Despite being a first-round pick, it's unlikely South Florida's Mike Jenkins will be the most recognized of the new cornerbacks on this team.

That distinction will undoubtedly go to Pacman Jones, whose trade to the Cowboys will be finalized on Sunday.

But even though Jenkins might have been a bit disappointed to fall to the 25th overall pick, there was plenty of excitement at his Florida home. In fact, a little too much joy for his mother, who had to be taken to the hospital immediately following his selection.

Overcome with anxiety, Jenkins' mother fainted and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where Jenkins was en route to while he spoke to the media on his conference call, an hour after being drafted.

On if he was surprised to be picked by the Cowboys:

JENKINS: Oh yes - definitely surprised. I really wasn't getting any vibes from Dallas during this whole process, but that's what surprised me the most, especially after they picked up Pacman Jones.

On what his relationship with Cowboys cornerback and South Florida alum Anthony Henry is like:

JENKINS: He graduated before me, so I really didn't know him, but he came about two years ago and we got to know each other and since then he pretty much sent me a text before every one of my games to let me know what I'm doing right or wrong.

On if he was bothered that he was picked later in the first round:

JENKINS: I was definitely bothered by it. I thought I was going to be going between the top 10-20 picks because I had a lot of interest from those teams. After the 20th pick, where I thought the Buccaneers would take me, the Cowboys gave me a call and definitely took me off my feet. I was a little upset at first, but there's nothing I can do about it right now by being upset. So right now, I'm just happy to be a Cowboy.

On how he feels about the possibility to play with Pacman Jones:

JENKINS: Well, besides all the other things that have been going on, I've heard that he's a great player on the field. I don't really try to get onto all the off the field things, but I definitely think that I can go in and learn from him.

On if he'll be able to step into a pro system and play right now:

JENKINS: Oh yes. I'm trying to, but if it doesn't work then I'll definitely be ready on special teams to help the team out.

On if he looks at this team as a better situation because they do have veteran starters in place:

JENKINS: They definitely have a lot of experience playing the game and I feel like I could come in and learn a lot behind them.

On if he feels that he needs to be challenged to perform at his best:

JENKINS: No. It's the NFL, so I'm definitely going to be pushed every day.

On how much he talked to the Cowboys in this draft process:

JENKINS: None. I don't think I spoke to them once.

On if he spoke to them during the NFL Combine:

JENKINS: Yes, I spoke to them at the Combine and we went into a meeting in a room and I had another meeting with them on the first day. That was the only time I talked to them.

On who he talked to:

JENKINS: The head coach, the GM, defensive back and pretty much the whole staff.

On his style of play on the field:

JENKINS: I'm definitely physical. I like playing man and I like being by myself; I like being matched up one-on-one, which is how I've pretty much been my whole career.

On even though he may not be starting, that he will be able to have an immediate impact on the team at least on special teams:

JENKINS: I definitely think I can come in and start on special teams and help the team out.

On if he's heard from Anthony Henry yet:

JENKINS: I haven't really checked my phone yet. I have a whole heap of missed calls and a whole heap of text messages. He probably did, but I haven't checked yet.

On as a kick returner, what the fun is about returning kicks:

JENKINS: I played running back in high school, so I tried to play both ways in college but my coach wouldn't let me and told me to focus on cornerback. I definitely like returning the ball and having the ball in my hands. Every time I have a ball in my hands I do good things with it.

On if he was born in Germany:

JENKINS: Yes, I was born in Nuremburg, Germany. My father was in the Marines. I was only in Germany for about a month.

On what he knows about the Cowboys' cornerback situation:

JENKINS: I just know they let (Jacques) Reeves go to Houston. They have Terence Newman is there, Pacman is there and Anthony Henry. That's pretty much all I know because I don't really follow the Cowboys like that, or really any NFL team. I always followed just players.

On if he relishes the fact that Wade Phillips likes to put pressure on the quarterback which allows the cornerbacks to make plays:

JENKINS: Definitely. I like playing one-on-one and having to press. Any pressure that they give, I like it, because it gives me the opportunity to make plays.

On when he will be coming to town:

JENKINS: I haven't talked to them yet. I'm actually on my way to the hospital because my mom fell out when they called my name. So I was checking on that and they said they'd call me later.

On if she fainted:

JENKINS: Yes. She's okay.

On if he was watching the draft at his house with his family:

JENKINS: I was at the house with my immediate family and a couple of friends.

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I think that dallas is a great team for what kind of back he is.  I think i would faint after a 1st round payday.

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Sarasota paper said his mom has diabetes...that's why she fainted..according to the paper

I read that she does... and it was probably a combination of factors... excitement one of them.

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