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As the NFL Draft approaches...

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Who can forget the three Bulls going back-to-back-to-back in the 2001 draft?

I had the video of Gene Washington announcing the three, I can not locate it though.  It was great viewing.  Here is an excerpt to refresh memories:

2001 NFL Draft

Second-Day Coverage - Fourth Round

April 22, 2001

96. New England Patriots (from San Diego)

Kenyatta Jones - OT South Florida

97. Cleveland Browns

Anthony Henry - CB South Florida

98. Arizona Cardinals

Bill Gramatica - K South Florida

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I have always loved watching the NFL Draft. I was still in High School then, (and didnt follow USF to much, though did watch the Pitt game on Sun Sports or Fox Sports) and thoght it was cool 3 guys from the same team went in order. Was that the first time ever? I coulnd't see it happening again.

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It was the last time since Pitt had three players selected in a row in like 1995 or 1996...

The best part about it... the picks were the FIRST three of the day to start the fourth round!

(This year, tho, day one is just first and second rounds... the third round was bumped to day two.)

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