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I don't think there is anything "wrong" with USF in regards to effort, or players giving up on coaches. The problem is 90% execution by the team. I saw intensity, I saw effort and second effort, but the execution is very poor right now. You can blame the coaches, but I actually think they are doin' a decent job.  USF has had chances to win the past 3 weeks, with the ball in their hands, all with an attempt from the 50 or in.  All three times, USF lost. 

The area USF is getting beat is the line, the offensive line has been manhandled against Rutgers/Uconn and now Cincy.  On defense, the problem is simple, lack of penatration. As great as Selvie is, and make no mistake, he is great, he's havin' problems with bigger offensive lines. No problem, he's a sophmore.

I think the major thing is, USF is a pretty young team, yeah you look at Williams/Jenkins/Moffit...but the offense we played with today is all very very young.  I see much room for improvement, and it'll come. Callin' for Grothe's head is pure frustation, the kid is scrambling because of the lack of protection. 

Ya know, bein' around high school football all the time, I feel I can honestly say this.  Sometimes, you gotta take 2-3 steps back, to take 4-5 steps forward. 

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