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FootBulls: What could of been...

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Ranked No. 9 in the BCS behind (this week)

KU - game at MO and possibly Big 12 CG

WVU - w/a game at Cincinnatti & UCONN at home

OK - Big 12 CG vs MO or KU

OR - w/ASU at home & @UCLA

AZ State - w/games @OR and Cal & USC in AZ



OSU - w/a game @Michigan

NCG was unlikely but a BE C'ship & a BCS bowl was there for the taking.  I hope the players can recover from Sat. game to play well against the Bearcats.  They still can have the best season in USF history with 10 or 11 victories.  Gawd, I hope they go to the Sun Bowl.

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