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Premature Ecelebration back in Sept by the Bulls...

He Just Couldn't Wait

By Tony Caridi

While working her way up the aisle, the flight attendant reminded all of us Blackberry-holding college football score searchers to power down our electronic devices as the Mountaineer’s charter flight rolled down the runway for take-off.

We were trapped in a no-score zone. For 57 minutes, we flew through the air from Newark to Clarksburg not knowing the outcome of the Connecticut game against South Florida. The Huskies had a slim lead, but the Bulls were charging hard just as we ordered to power down.

We needed to know who won. West Virginia’s dismantling of Rutgers was huge, but a Bulls loss would make it an even better day. West Virginia hasn’t had its destiny in its own hands since that Friday nightmare in Tampa.

I had a hunch and I was right. I knew the temptation was too strong for someone not to fire up their Blackberry and grab the score before we landed. We were descending as the flight crew was “quickly preparing the cabin for arrival†-- I love when they say thatâ€â€when it happened.

"Connecticut beat South Florida 22-15, it’s a final," blurted a voice from three rows back. I will not release the informant’s name, so he can avoid prosecution by the electronic device police.

Applause broke out in the back of the plane. The news then quickly spread through the rest of the fuselage and was greeted by a series of cheers. The Mountaineers had the equivalent of a doubleheader sweep. With four games remaining and just one on the road, West Virginia has positioned itself to capture a Big East championship and BCS invitation.

Apparently the public address announcer at Raymond James Stadium had spoken too soon when moments after South Florida’s victory over West Virginia, he advised Bulls fans to exit the stadium through concourse C. That’s "C" he said, "As in B-C-S championship."

Note to Paulie the P-A man: Conference championships aren’t won on Friday nights in September, but they can be lost on October Saturdays in Hartford.

The key now for West Virginia is to avoid another performance like they had at South Florida. Those six turnovers exposed West Virginia. It exposed that the only way West Virginia loses is when it beats itself. They’re now 27-0 when they have equal or fewer turnovers than their opponent.

The good news is that this Mountaineer team still hasn’t reached its peak level of performance.  It can become even more efficient, and it likely will thanks to a favorable second-half schedule that will keep this team fresh, and with the exception of the Cincinnati game, at home.

It’s still way too early to celebrate, but it’s nice to know that the Mountaineers once again have control of their own fate.

Article Link: http://www.wvmetronews.com/sports.cfm?func=displayfullstory&storyid=21745

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for the record, the announcer said "C as in Confernce Chapionship" not "BCS".

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I remember when he said that and was happy to hear it ... it's called caught up in the moment and excited.

Tony is just upset that WVU has lost the last 2 to USF.

Go BULLS !!!

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