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Sick of it!!!

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>:( I am really sick and tired of all this pimping **** done by our players. If they would concentrate more on tackleing, catching passes, and running, maybe they would win a game like they are suppose to. This dancing crap, taunting the fans bs before the game has got to stop. I hope CJL made them run today until they puked. I love our Bulls, but not when they show an excuse of a football game as played at Uconn. Jenkins better step it up a notch if he intends to go next level. This "bumping tackle" stuff won't get him NFL scrub team. I trully hope they all know that we the fans are let down. The team we have seen was NOT the Bulls of new, but the overconfident, big head bulls who think their stuff doesn't stink! Play caLLING WAS HORRENDOUS. Much to the point I am starting to wish Rod Smith was back. They did not want it bad enough and it showed. I am sorry you fellow loyalists. You have to agree with me on this one. They just didn't give a ****! They have a lot to prove now or else the only bowl we will go to is the Crap bowl...you know the one. It's reserved for those who don't get to go to one!  Reaper

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