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Radio: Heath Cline out of G-Ville

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For those of you radio listeners out there, and those that call in to radio shows:

Heath Cline is a Gainesville radio host. He mainly talks about UF, for obvious reasons, but he has talked about USF at various times. He is a great talk show host and is quite welcoming. He has had NOTHING but good things to say about us. So, I say support him.

Anyway, he was at the game this weekend and I am sure he will talk about it on his show (if not for the BCS ranking). Feel free to call in and talk USF football. He would love to hear from USF fans, particularly those that have been around since the early days.

So, for those of you who like to listen to some good college football over the radio while at work or school, I recommend this show... especially for Monday.

He is on from 11am to 1pm


p.s. He is also really good about reading emails over the air and responding to them:


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Eco Nerd, I might give him a listen tomorrow.  If he's talking USF maybe I'll put out a call.

Go Bulls!!!

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