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3,775 posts to win a national championship!!!

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In no way do I condone looking ahead, but I just had to poke fun at the UCF message board chain post trying to amass 24,000 posts, in honor of #24 Kevin Smith, in order to reach a conference championship.  Here is the topic link: http://ucf.rivals.com/showmsg.asp?fid=71&tid=101181977&mid=101181977&sid=908&style=2.  At their rate they might win a C-USA championship (haha) before the end of the decade.

So to poke fun I figure we should start our own, but instead of the lowly goal of a C-USA championship, we as USFers have to aim higher because we are on another level than UCF (unless you are drinking the kool-aid in O-town) and our goal shall be 3,775 posts.  The number of days from our first game every played on September 6, 1997 until January 7, 2008, the day of the NC game.

GO BULLS and beat the Owls!  Nothing else should matter until after the FAU game.

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