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DC---Everyone talking about USF

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**** it feels good to be a BULL!!!

Walking 'round DC this Sat & Sun wearing my "University of South Florida" Ball cap (bought it in 1989--OLD SCHOOL BABY!!!).  All day long people were making comments as to "...that's a good team". 

I did get a snide remarks from some in-bred redneck yokel WVU fan, but I just told him that "You ought to root for the university that you actually attended....high school boy!!!


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Guest JulmisteForPrez

I live in Richmond (see avatar at left), and it's much the same here.

In the nine months we've been here, we've had very few comments as we wore our Bulls gear and drove around with our Bulls stuff on our vehicles.

That's changed over the past two weeks.....especially over the past three days!!

We stopped at a Shell station to gas up here in Richmond last night, and as we were pulling in, I noticed the front license plate of a GMC SUV had a big red "R" on it.  I said to my wife, "Oh, sweet......Rutgers fans!"  I put my window down as we went by him and yelled, "Go Bulls!" and threw the "horns" up.  I got out, started putting the gas in the car, and went over to talk to him.  Turns out he is a Rutgers grad who lives in North Carolina now and drives up for most of the home games.

I talked a little trash and told him I'd be up there in a few weeks for the beat-down we are going to put on Mike Teel and his boys.

It's so great to be relevant and recognized.  Gives you a lot more leeway in talking the trash we always did anyhow.

:gobulls :gobulls

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