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Naw, I haven't actually read it, But my brother sent me this link from amazon...  It looks rather amusing (But I wonder what he was implying?


ESPN Guide to Psycho Fan Behavior (Paperback)

by Warren St. John (Editor)

List Price: $14.95

Book Description

Ever wonder how to brainwash your infant so he doesn’t grow up to root for a rival team? How to goad a basketball player into missing a crucial free throw? How to tear down a goalpost? Do you know the ABCs of body paint? On the premise that a psycho fan is a better fan, Warren St. John has recruited experts and practitioners of fan psychosis to help you help your team.

Guaranteed to raise your performance to a truly insane level, ESPN Guide to Psycho Fan Behavior is packed with professional tips, informative illustrations, and real-life "fanecdotes." Learn how to kidnap a mascot, the best way to swipe a home-run ball from a bleacher bum, and how to keep running after getting Tasered. With sideline reporting and expert analysis from CollegeHumor.com writers Amir Blumenfeld and Ethan Trex, and from Spencer Hallâ€â€who writes the blog Every Day Should Be Saturdayâ€â€this one-of-a-kind survival manual is the surest way to guarantee that you excel in every game situation: home or away, rain or shine, front row or nosebleed seats, or strapped down in a rubber room at a mental facility.

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