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I have always been a huge USF fan. I have been living in NYC but because of an illness in my family I transferred to USF (and didn't need a hardship waiver). After years of listening to games on the internet, and only scattered chances to get to games (back in CUSA days), I get to make it to all the home games and plenty of others.

Of course, I new to this community, so I need some help with finding some people to tailgate with. I am in the Student Bulls Club, but not sure if their pregame allows brew, so I was thinking of heading to the Bull Backers, but before I did wanted to know if the info on that website is still correct and if they could handle a couple of crashers?

If not, any other good places for a guy to prep for the game?

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Stop by the SBC tailgate as well.  You can't go wrong with some free breakfast and we can't provide adult beverages but you can bring your own if you are over 21.  Hope to see you there!

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