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USF getting respect

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I live in Mobile, AL as some of you know and being in bama/tiger country (LSU and Auburn) you can imagine how big the SEC is here.  Huge doesn't cover it.  Before the game, all week when discussing the Auburn game, they didn't even know the names of our players and that was when they hardly discussed our team when talking about the matchup.  It was all Cox this, Cox that, Q. Groves is going to kill their "little QB" and SEC speed is going to "light them up".

Needless to say, I was flying from Mobile to NY/NJ for a business trip leaving Sunday morning.  I'm in the security line to leave Mobile wearing my USF cap of course (green with just our "U" logo on the front with "bulls" on the back strap.  So one of those caps where before, no one would've known what it was.

Sunday morning, that all changed.  A number of the folks in the line had Auburn caps and gear on and instantly recognized the U on the cap and just shook their head.  They ALL said USF deserved to win the game and actually said they were lucky our PK couldn't connect or our guys kept blowing it or it would've easily been a blow out!!!  Best yet, they had a copy of the morning paper and asked if I had a copy, if not, I could have theirs.  Keep in mind, they do an Alabama and Auburn wrap up every Sunday after the game so I had PAGES of articles on the game and almost every one discussed how USF BEAT Auburn vs. Auburn "tanking".

It gets better.  In the airport in Atlanta, then LaGuardia, then @ the golf event at Pine Hollow (east norwich, NY, very SWEET course and home to Rupert Murdoch), all over on this trip, folks recognized the hat and commented on how the Big East is for real.  Even on the way home from Newark I met a USF mom boarding the plane who saw my hat.  Turns out, she graduated from USF and her son is a current Sigma Nu at USF and we discussed the game and she was still hoarse from Saturday as was I!

So it was nice as I noticed the difference.  I always travel with my USF cap and never before did it elicit many remarks, even after knocking off WVU and UL.  This win was huge and gained us a ton of national street cred.  Hopefully we can knock off the "should wins" and pick up a nice W or two from the Rutgers, UL and WVU group and if we do, we'll be seen as a legit power moving forward.

Good job Bulls, heal up and lets get this train steaming forward!  NO LET DOWNS!  NO MERCY!

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I received 5 IM/emails on Monday morning from work colleagues around the country (alums of USC, Nebraska, Kansas, Maryland and ASU) congratulating me on the win.  Whenever we talked football in the past, they would not even recognize that USF existed.  The day we all have been waiting for in terms of respect may be upon us.

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