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FB Press Conference Quotes & Video

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FB Press Conference Quotes & Video

Courtesy: USF           Release: 09/11/2007

Weekly Press Conference Quotes


USF head coach Jim Leavitt  | Video

Opening Statements

“Murphy’s kickoff returns and his blocking were very good.â€Â

“I thought our defense flew around pretty good and our offense did some pretty good things.â€Â

“It’s a big win beating Elon. It’s a big win beating Auburn. We’re 2-0. We haven’t even got into the BIG EAST race yet.â€Â

“Even though we’re preparing for North Carolina, we’re still trying to find our team, and we took a big step.â€Â

“The only way you’re going to ever have a chance at winning a football game is if you practice extremely well.â€Â

(on Nate Allen)

“He’s really driven to be a great football player, he has a great family, he has great character, and he responds to coaching.â€Â

“He’s going to work on the weaknesses and turn them into his strengths.â€Â

(on Brouce)

“I have been as impressed with Bruce, as I have been with any player on our team.â€Â

“I know Bruce is going to get better, because he’s going to demand it. He’s going to demand it.â€Â

“We’ve got to get a lot better as a football team. That means everybody.â€Â

(on Jerome Murphy)

“He loves the game. He has such a pure heart, he’s his own guy. He’s so talented, he doesn’t know yet.â€Â

(on catching the campus’s attention)

“I think its okay, as long as they understand how they got to where they are. They can’t lose the ingredient of work ethic.â€Â

(on rankings)

“Doesn’t mean a whole lot to me right now, may mean a lot to them.â€Â

(on program)

“I think this program is about way more than football, if it wasn’t I don’t want to coachâ€Â

(on why there is so much national attention)

“They don’t lose at home. You go in somebody’s place and win a game, and it’s on national television.â€Â

(on being sold out for West Virginia)

“I’ve always said great things about this area, and about our students, and all our support.â€Â

“I’d love to see Raymond James sold out.â€Â

(on game winning play)

“There’s a moment of "what happened" to everybody, almost like lightning hit, and you pause and you freeze. Then you react, and you react with great excitement or despair, and that certainly happened.â€Â

“I told our team all week long it was going to be a great match-up.â€Â

Nate Allen | Video

(on campus after win)

“It’s been amazing, ever since we pulled up on the buses.â€Â

(on rankings)

“I was a little disappointed when I didn’t see it, but we just got to keep winning.â€Â

(on being the National Defensive Player of the Week)

“It’s a great honor. I just thank the Lord for blessing me with talent to be able to do that.â€Â

Jessie Hester | Video

(on campus after win)

“It’s been really low key, people starting to recognize me more. Other than that my schedule's still the same.â€Â

“I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to finally shine on national television.â€Â

(on not being in the rankings)

“I was curious. I thought we would be able to get in there, but I would like to get in the Top 25.â€Â

(on not being under the radar)

“No team is going to take a back seat to USF. We don’t take a back seat to anyone either.â€Â

(reaction after touchdown)

“Thank God it’s over!â€Â

(on the amount of noise of the USF section)

“They were a lot louder than the Auburn section after that touchdown I tell ya.â€Â

Matt Grothe | Video

(on campus after win)

“Everyone’s ecstatic. We touched a lot of people with that win, and it had real big impact on the school.â€Â

(on bye week)

“It’s a good time. We just got done with one of the biggest games we’ve ever won here. We got a lot of injuries, not a lot of major injuries, but a lot of people are nicked up, and it’s a good time to just get everybody healed going into these next couple of games.â€Â

(on throwing the touchdown)

“When he caught it I was so emotional with everything that had happened in the last five minutes of the football game.â€Â

“When he caught it, it took me a few seconds to realize what happened. When he caught it, I was like, "all right we have got another play," and then I was just like, "wait, we won the game!â€Â

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What an impressive group of young men.  So well spoken.  Nate Allen is becoming is becoming my favorite Bull. 

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