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People Blinded With Conference Pride

Guest JulmisteForPrez

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Guest JulmisteForPrez

Does anyone else get as tired as I do of this BLIND conference pride?

Yesterday talking to a friend who is a Virginia Tech fan, he said, "I really liked it when we were in the Big East, but of course, you just don't get any better than the ACC."

I kindly pointed out to him how PUTRID the ACC was last year and continue to be this year, and what great success the Big East had last year and so far this year.  Just throwing objective facts at him, and he was like, "IIIIIIIIIIIII.......don't know about that."

::) ::) ::)

Every conference has the same kind of fans, I realize.

But it's better to just keep it zipped when the numbers speak for themselves.

Conference Rankings (my opinion):

1.  SEC

2.  Big East (closing the gap rapidly!)

3.  Pac Ten (really look better this year so far)

4.  Big 12

5.  Big Ten

6.  ACC

7.  The rest

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