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Leavitt Phone Interview on ESPN


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They showed some highlights of the game and then said they're not gonna call it an upset

Then they had Leavitt on the phone

They asked him what the atmosphere was like right after the win and he said, everything was very quiet for 2-3 seconds while everyone was trying to figure out who won...and then we enjoyed it quite a bit

They asked him to compare this win to our win last year against West Virginia...he said it was very similar and a very big win for our program

They asked about the level of football in the Big East compared to the SEC……he said Auburn is a great team....then he said the Big East is very strong…stronger this year than last year....and we don’t play in the SEC so we have no way of knowing

They asked him what his reaction to the rankings was.....he said that he had no reaction to rankings...that never bothers me too much…I'm more concerned about us getting better as a team

They asked him what was his goal for this season.....He said his goal is to win the big east…we failed the last few years…..that is always our goal

After the interview they said the Big East might be best conference in college footbal because of the last 2 weeks from the performances from South Florida and how Cincinnati did against Oregon St.

Then they talked about the chances for Big East to get 2 BCS bowl bids.  They said there is a very good chance if one can stay undefeated and one has a 1 loss season and the Big East is a very good football conference

They said we are the 1 unranked team that deserves to be in the top 25.


This was posted before I knew that EconNerd was going to post the video on YouTube

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