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Grothe's "Stock Report" On ESPN.com

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South Florida's Grothe does his best Flutie imitation

By Todd McShay

Scouts Inc.


Updated: September 9, 2007, 8:28 PM ET


The opportunity is there every Saturday. Some players seize it. Others let it slide away. Here's a look at the players who shined or slipped in Week 2:

Stock Up

1. Matt Grothe, QB, South Florida

It's hard not to draw comparisons to Doug Flutie when watching Grothe operate. Like Flutie, Grothe refuses to let his marginal size and lack of ideal arm strength limit him as a quarterback. Grothe's mobility allows him to find passing windows and buy second chances once the initial play has broken down. He's accurate when throwing on the run and his overall playmaking instincts are remarkable. Most importantly, Grothe refuses to lose -- and that infectious competitiveness has never been more apparent than it was in Saturday night's upset victory over Auburn. While the rest of the Big East "powerhouses" spent the weekend padding their stats versus inferior competition, Grothe and the Bulls sent a message by traveling to SEC country and knocking off the nation's 17th-ranked team.

Grothe is not a midget--- why compare him to one?

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I think he's more of a Steve Young type at BYS over Flutie.  He just does what he has to do to move the chains and keep drives going.  In essence that is what college football is all about, just getting first downs more than your opponent.  That leads to more point chances.

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I always thought the comparison to Steve Young was a nice one. He is over 6', so I don't get the "small" wrap. He is in a completely different class as Flutie in terms of rushing. I do see the same moxy, fight, and grit as Flutie though.

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