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I didn't realize that they were close friends.


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Read this on a site, thought it was pretty cool, but didn't understand who it was that is having the battle with cancer.


As his players celebrated perhaps the most significant win in program history Saturday night, South Florida coach Jim Leavitt thanked his old friend Tommy Tuberville.

And it really had nothing to do with football.

Tuberville wrote a letter last week to a South Florida supporter who is battling cancer.

"(Tuberville) wrote him a letter saying that he knew that South Florida wanted to win the game, but he knew Jeff was playing for something a lot bigger than a football game," Leavitt said. "Jeff was playing for his life. I appreciate Tommy Tuberville so much for that letter, and I read that letter to our team last night. I want to let everyone know how much I appreciate that gesture."

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some things are bigger than football....


Ryan Gilliam and Craig Stevens both attended Tallahassee Lincoln

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