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Thoughts on the game

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Now that I've had a chance to get a good nights sleep I would like to post some thoughts.

1) Coming into this game Auburn didn't take USF seriously..yeah, I know they say they did, and I know the players and coaches all said the right things to the media, but, no, they did not take us seriously. Auburn beat UF last year in Auburn as we all know, when they saw USF on the schedule, I'd be willing to bet they said, "Same offense, lesser players."  or, "Flordia's JV team"

2) For all the talk about how poorly Auburn played, I'd like to give credit where credit is due. USF's secondary proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are one of the best in the nation.  Unfortuantly, since its USF, the best the media will say is, "WOW Cox had a bad night."  Maybe he did...but SOMEBODY had to pick those INT's up..and they were wearing USF jersey's.

3) Worth remembering, Auburn gets all the talk about how they were missing some of their playmakers due to academic inelidgbilitly. Don't forget..USF was a MASH unit on the offensive line.  I wouldn't be a Clearwater Central Catholic HS fan if I didn't mention Nicky didn't play:-D  Lets make sure we give credit to those guys.

4)Lets also give respect to our defensive line,  they got after Cox and forced him into some bad throws all night. Defensive-Line success isn't just measured in sacks, its also measured in how frequently they can clog the lanes and force QB hurries..not just sacks. Believe it or not, sometimes its BETTER to let a QB throw the ball when he's rushed or running.

5) I graduated from USF in 2006, if you are a student, and you have a offensive line/defensive line player in your class, make sure you thank them for their hard work..because those guys were puking a lot more than normal and were seriously risking their health out there, and they STILL didn't give up...thats how championships are won...more importantly, thats how legacy's are created.

6) USF was the better team last night, and the better team won..sorry SEC fans, I know you all have a long history, but AU didn't "give" USF the game, anymore than "AU" gave USF the game.  When a game goes into OT, the better team wins. How about USF, now 6-0 in our history in OT games?

7) Finally, a word on coaching...Jim Leavitt made the correct call on the field goal at the 1 yard line.  Previous to that, USF had a good 5-6 chances to get the ball in from the AU 1-3 yard line, and ended up somewhere closer to the 10.  I truly believe USF would not of scored on that 4th and 1 from the goal line.

This is a huge win guys, and if my math is correct, enough teams lost that are ranked from 25-15, that USF should squeek in the top 25.  I'd be interested to see where USF is ranked in that one publication that had us ranked 21.

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