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What a day in TOKYO, GO BULLS!!!

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Well, what can I say...I have been pretty much speechless all day.  Thank god one of my friends here has a sling box that can pick up Tampa Television stations in Japan through the internet.  Anyways...words cannot describe how I've felt all day.  The watch party was great this mornin.  We woke up at 10 and started watching.  We are about 13 hours ahead of the rest of the world.  There were about 4 of us USF'ers and one guy from UF...lol.  He was grumpy all day.  Every time Auburn made a good play he would make cracks about the Big East and USF.  Oh well...

I just wanted to Post to let everyone know that there are Happy Bulls ALL OVER THE WORLD today.  As I sit in my hotel room tonight, I can only dream of what the rest of the season will bring...and I can only hope that many MORE people start joining the stampede and realize what's happening to our AMAZING UNIVERSITY!!!

I leave you with this...

Me at the Train Station today after the game.


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Guest BasketBull.


Way to represent! GO BULLS!

Glad you are taking the train --stay away from the airport. Remember what they did to Bobby Fischer?

Drop by Taiwan and tell my kids the care packages are coming. (Darn those paternity tests!)  ;D

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