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than heading into Kool-Aid Country and handing Auburn their asses. Just got back to our hotel in Columbus, Ga. Unreal game. Shoop and I were discussing on the way back that we were impressed with the class of the Auburn fans all day long, polite, fun-loving, pretty much couldn't find a bad word in the air...but we both had the same impression of those fans in the stadium: for 85,000 Auburn fans, it really, REALLY wasn't that impressive a noise they made for their team. Maybe we had a different expectation, but we both came to the conclusion that it just wasn't a level we thought it would be. In fact, the loudest they were the whole game was probably in OT, but by then, the noise certainly was a non-factor for our Bulls.

How sweet it is to have enjoyed this biggest win in school history live and in color at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Now the boys can soak up the top 20 or so ranking, rest up this week, then get back to work for UNC. God blessed us with one hell of a football team...and now people outside Tampa know it!!!

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