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The Jim Leavit Show - summary if you missed it

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Do most of you watch his show at 11:30 each Saturday on WFTS 28.  I taped it today and was watching it a little while ago.

His highlights from last week's ELON game per his show today: he said the Offense did some good things, liked Buie, Selvie, Mike Ford (at touchdown), Nate Allen Sophmore/was first game he started last week.  That was from the first half.  Wasn't too negative, kind of surprised....

Second half: came out with presence in 3rd quarter.  Though our D was outstanding, liked Ford's effort gettign in end zone as a freshman, crowd was 35k adn were tremendous, Courney Dempson graduated this summer but still playing, and Ford running down adn gettign called out.  CJL really loves Ford, but whats not to love with 3 TD's.  Grothe 23 for 29.  Mitchell holds 400 meter record on track team, is a freshman, really likes him, had four catches for 32 yards.  Big stat, 7 of 15 for 3rd down conversions...  That was mostly weak due to the first half giong 3 and out.

Biggest concern about performance at Elon : special teams and punt returning.  Injuries and dehydration with Special teams.  I was surprised he didn't mention our banged up OL, though I understand why.

Schedule discussion: Al Keck said very difficult schedule. CJL said Rutgers and UConn road games are concerning and all road games.

Player spotlight : Mike Ford / Freshman.  Rolled up 2800 and 37 touchdowns as a Sr at Sarasota High.  JUCO after high school, a military academy, etc.  Said he is concentrating on each game individually. 

TE was position spotlight:  showed drills, ball security while a player tries to knock it out, etc...

Injury report, looks like some defensive starter injuries on Auburn.

All Big East teams won last week except for Syracuse..

Keys to Auburn Game per CJL:  Auburn has good defense, offense, big and physical, Line are large, big receivers, fast receivers and line backers, well coached, .  KState did a good job last week, but Auburn pulled it out in the end of the game 23 - 13.  Auburn a better team in the SEC.  Didn't let on much to detail and how we will win.

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