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It's about getting better

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From the Huntsville Times "Tracking the Tigers" Blog...  a lot of what is written could apply for USF, too...

It's about getting better

Posted by Phillip Marshall, The Huntsville Times September 04, 2007 10:05 AM

In football, perhaps more than any other sport, teams do not stay the same. Over the course of a season, they get better or they get worse.

Everyone - players, coaches, fans - wants to win championships, but most coaches will tell you their No. 1 goal in any season is to get better week after week. That's especially the case with a team playing a lot of young players.

That's why fans suffer from disappointing losses and celebrate big wins longer than players and coaches do. For players and coaches, there is another game to play. Dwelling on the last one can cause you to lose the next one.

We all know where Auburn started - with an impressive defense and a shaky offense. Why this or why that can be debated forever, but it is what it is. The question now, the only question that really matters, is where this team goes from here.

Where it is not going to go is to an undefeated season. You can write that down. Neither would USC or any other team you can name against Auburn's schedule. Barring a devastating run of injuries, this team will get better as the season goes on. Whether it will improve enough to make a run at a division and conference championship is a question that can't yet be answered.

There seems to be a school of thought out there that Auburn somehow didn't deserve to Saturday night's 23-13 win over Kansas State. Looking at the statistics, looking at the way the game was played, I'm not sure I understand where that comes from. It was a very close game. Auburn, for all its trouble running the ball, ran it better than Kansas State. Auburn had fewer turnovers, more time of possession and had a big play in the kicking game.

It came down to one possession. If the Wildcats had stopped the Tigers with the game on the line, they would have deserved to win. They didn't.

[glow=yellow,2,300]Auburn coaches were impressed with Kansas State, particularly its defense. They are more impressed with South Florida. Saturday night's game is no gimme, by any means. Auburn could win or Auburn could lose.[/glow]

Either way, life and the season will go on and the effort to improve will begin anew next Sunday afternoon.


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