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My take on the game

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Obviously we were not crisp tonight but I did see glimpse of us being able to have a special year.  We were a few plays away from blowing this game wide open. 


QB-Grothe, I thought his arm strength looked a lot better then last year.  He had some zip on a bunch of throws tonight.  To me I thought that was one of his weaknesses last year.  He made good decision on where to throw the ball.  Yes a few balls were off but that is why we start with a 1AA.

RB- Williams looked solid but boy how about Mike Ford, just watching him run got me excited for what is to come.  Let him touch the ball 20 times a game.  He is going to be a beast.  Taylor looked good on the screen pass and they seemed to all block well.  Not sure about assignments but I think they did well.

WR- Denson in my opinion looked good. I know he had the one drop across the middle but I was surprised to see him do well.  C. Mitchell needs to be in the game more.  Amarri had 4 drops and IMO I would not throw to him so much.  Sorry but I was very disappointed in him last night.  The dropped punt was pure laziness, and he did not catch Elon's first punt.  TJ looked good and he needs to touch the ball more. 

OL- I know they were hurt and moved all around but they did not look good. No specifics but not good

Defense was stuck in a few bad postition and did not do much.  I did not see many if any blitzes and I think we were very base.  I know they will have a  better game play for AU

DL- Selvie.  No need for a comment you saw the game.  IS he only a Soph?? YEA.  Buie looked good and they all looked solid not sure about the competition though. (but they are in the conference with App. State)

LB- I did not see to much from them.  There were a lot of underneath passes and middle range passes in the middle of the field and it looked like McKenzie was out of place.  However with that being said they looked athletic and once they get the system down they are going to be really good.

DB- Mike looked solid, Trea I dont think had that good of a game. and Carlton and Nate did not have to do much which is good.  #19 was very good. 

All in all I think if you dont fumble the punt, Matt his one or two of the deep balls, Dont drop 7 passes, and play Mike Ford more we should of won by 40.  But you know what they say a win is a win.

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