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A-Rod MVP of AL, but...


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he only got 6 first place votes...

and the interesting thing, 3 boston players finished in the top 6...

Ortiz had 4 FP votes

Manny had 2 FP votes

Nomar had 1 FP vote

That is 7 first place votes for the red sox players.

Also, if you total the # of voting points... the red sox 3 players had 100 more points combined than A-rod who had in the neighborhood of 300 pts.

Looks like the red sox being so balanced offensively and so prolific actually worked against them in this voting as Ortiz or Manny could have easily garnered more votes if the other two weren't receiving votes.

That being said, they may not have even received any votes had their offense not been so good across the board.

At the very least, it shows alot of respect for the Boston lineup.

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that people want the MVP to be the one who made the most difference to his team, yet to make the Hall of Fame all anybody talks about are numbers? There are plenty of guys in the Hall of Fame with good numbers who weren't the reason their teams won Pennants and World Series. The MVP should be the best player in the league, how the team did should mave some bearing but I don't think a great player should be looked at any less just because he plays on a crappy team. If anything, it just shows how good he is because they don't have to pitch to him like they do with Bonds.

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real valuable

where would texas have finished without arod?

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