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Why I cheer AGAINST the bucs


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... they are the local team and I cheered them last year ... but I'm tired of the NFL greed ... I still BULLieve that the NFL is the best run pro sports organization ...

Glazers are the reason I cheer against the bucs ... before it didn't bother me about county tax payers for the stadium, I live in Polk ( and no, I'm not married to a relative  ;D ) ... but the way they have treated our Beloved BULLS ... the owners of the Steelers have done a real nice group approach with the Panthers.

F the Glazers ! Just a bunch of greedy M'Fers !

Go BULLS !!!  

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can't argue with that... I like the bucs, but dislike their owners.

The only reason i like the bucs, besides being the closest team to me, is that they aren't in the AFC... Pats fan 4 life.  Hate all other afc teams, especially the fins.

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