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After 3 weeks.....

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Here are my early observations:

QB:  I cant say enough about the kind of poise that MG has shown.  All this talk about his height and arm strength is drivel.  In a spread offense the advantage of height is mostly nuetralized, and he has  

enough velocity on his throws to be a tremendous college qb.  My only worry is that he will be worn down and injured.  Pat has been a hell of a leader standing up for Grothe every step of the way


    Grade: A

RB:  Obviously this is sort of an incomplete as Ponton and Plancher are out, but the guys we have back there are just not BCS material.  I love Williams heart, but I'd rather see Smith get more carries because he is somewhat of a big play threat.  Hopefully Dorsey gets more time because he seems to have by far the most upside of the available backs.

    Grade: D+

WR:  These guys have really stepped up, and there has been surprising turnover since last season.  Ean is one of the quickest players I have seen in a long time, and is really fundamentally sound as well.  Amp Hill's hands are as advertised, and Taurus Johnson will be a monster over the next couple years.  Marcus Edwards is steady as always. Amarri is of course a great athlete but is just not a natural receiver.  The TEs in Bleakly, Hill, and Gordon are a good mix of blocking and recieving ability.

    Grade: A-

OL:   Another position hampered by injuries, but still worrisome.  The much-hyped Jared Carnes has looked like a turnstile out there, and the interior line cant seem to open many holes.  When Thed Watson is in he has looked like a decent NFL prospect, hes just a great athlete.  Overall this is a position we really need to focus on in recruiting..

   Grade: C

DL:   Apparrently both Clebert and Cray are less than 100%, but they still arent really holding up against the interior run.  It seems these two guys are always penetrating so far into the backfield that they often whiff on the runner entirely.  They have a ton of talent, but depth is an issue.  Selvie is obviously a stud, and Buie shows signs of finally fulfilling his potential.  Robinson is a good edge rusher but is too thin to hold up against the run.  Overall this unit has overachieved and should be very good once JJ returns.

    Grade: B-

LB:   These guys are talented and get a lot of hype, but havent seemed to make that many big plays.  Snake in particular has been quiet.  One possible problem is the lack of experienced depth besides Mompremier, and we could really use McCollough and Balloon back here.

     Grade: C

DB:  The CBs look awesome, but are so talented they sometimes take unnecessary risks.  Gilliam and Murphy look good, and Ty Roberts has a ton of upside at nickel.  Burnett is a big hitter but doesnt seem great in coverage (odd since he looks more like a big corner than a SS) and Verpeale has been pretty average.  I would love to see Gachette bulk up and move to LB cause the guy is a hitter and a leader but may eventually be squeezed out at DB by faster guys.  On another note, where the heck has nate allen been?

     Grade: B

Special teams:  Ean is a beast, and thats all I'm gonna say about this.  :(

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quarter of the way through the season. I think thats a fair report card.

Just a side note, USF is now half way to becoming bowl eligible (knock on wood) with 9 games to play.

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Can't argue with it either ... and I think we need to be a little harsh on the LB's ... granted their success relies on the DL, but we knew they needed to step it up.

Interesting about WR ... Amarri has the lowest per catch average. We have had 12 different receivers so far this season. Jackson will have his moments ... he will rise up ... long way to go.

And some said that GrothE doesn't check off.  :P

Overall, give the team a C+ ... Special Teams and Competition brings the grade down. Feel good about the mid term reports.

Go BULLS !!!

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And some said that GrothE doesn't check off.  :P

He has VASTLY improved on this... but still focuses a little too hard on some quick drops.  Part of it could be the lack of time from the OL - but he also pulls the ball down and run a little too often.

He is making GREAT strides on these - whether it's coaching or becoming more comfortable with the speed of the college game.

Next time you watch a game watch his helmet on a few plays... sometimes he is looking around (YEAH!!) sometimes he watches one side or one receiver (UGH!!)... He keeps getting better each week, so by the time we play Pitt or Louisville - this should no longer be a problem.

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