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I'm going to shoot

Guest R_to_the_izzo

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Guest R_to_the_izzo

Whoever picked out an afternoon start time for this game. Holy god I haven't been up this early in 4 months, and they expect me to drive to mouse town?

Oh yah funny thing is, I talked to at least 5 people who have no affiliation with USF, and they all suggested I pack the heat if I wanna go to the area this stadium is in. Great news to hear. I'm done rambling, lets go kick some ass Bull. On the field of course.  ;D :-?

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The stadium is in a crappy area, but I've never seen or heard of any problems down there because of the neighborhood. Getting ready to head that way, gonna tailgate with my parent's friends and few other people in one of the lots outside the stadium.

I think, if my old roomie came through, I am sitting in the student area of USF.

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