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Top 10 in Total Defense


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Now is the time of year we can see if we can maintain it.

1) Colorado St at 116.0 YPG

2) Missouri at 156.0 YPG

3) LSU at 164.0 YPG

4) Wyoming at 167.5 YPG

5) Boise St at 172.5 YPG

6) Michigan at 187.5 YPG

7) Miami(FL) at 200.5 YPG

8) Texas A&M at 207.0 YPG

9) Iowa at 212.0 YPG

USF is at 212.5 Yards Per Game. And we need to hold UCF to less than 175 Yards to get under 200 per game allowed. They are averaging 228.5 after their first 2 games.

Go BULLS !!!

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