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Jekyll or Hyde which bulls team will show?


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If there has ever been a Jekyll or Hyde story it is our Bulls the last two years...

How do you explain the Louisville massacre and the UConn flop?   The UCF whipping and the Pitt disgrace?   The Rutgers romp and the Bowl loss?    The first 3 quarters of McNeese and Quarter 4 blitzkrieg?    The FIU uprising the first 57 minutes and The Bull escape last 3 minutes?    Does this mean Jekyll will show this week or will hyde?   Say what you want but no one will ever say the Bulls are consistent on the field whether bad or good???   Maybe this will be a good week we have not played more than a good complete quarter yet... I would say we have been good maybe 2 quarters and bad in 6... Maybe we go good for 4 quarters this week and we even out our inconsistencies!  If this line of thinking makes sense to you, you too have been around long enough to know what the heck I am talking about!

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I disagree, somewhat... The Defense has been outstanding for the last year and a half.  It's the offense that has played the Jeckle / Hyde role.  

USF dominated McNeese for that entire game.  The scoreboard didn't show it until the penalties and miscues stopped.  If not for the 3 TD's called back last weekend, the FIU game probably would have been a 42-13 win.  

The good news is that the QB position is / should be solid, the O-line is starting to jell and the WR position is stocked.  Thank god the coaches stuck with Grothe through his mistakes... it's really important to show a new QB that the coaches have confidence in him.  

The bad news is that the RB position is questionable, the number of penalties drawn in the last 2 is outrageous and the turnovers... Hopefully this is just an indicator of a young team and the mistakes can be corrected / improved.  Someone has to step up to the plate at RB.  The kicking game needs to improve this season as well.

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Penalties have always been a problem with our team.  We are always in the running for most penalties/yardage per year for the NCAA.

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if we play the same way we played first 2 games usf will lose

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