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OSU/Texas experience

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So I attended USF for two years, but for reasons beyond my control had to leave and finish my degree at the University of Texas.

UT was a good school and I enjoyed it there and support them, but my first allegiance is always with USF.

Tonight, I went to the UT-Ohio State game, but wore my Bulls colors. More than one person saw the Bull and made comments along the lines of "that's not UT's logo," and I told them that's because it's a South Florida shirt. Leaving the game, a couple of people who I had held these conversations with said things on the way out, culminating with one (extremely) drunk UT fan saying, "we're still better than south ******* florida." I said, yeah, well my team won tonight (nevermind against who or how...), and...he threw a cup of beer at me.

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Texas would have thrown up 60 points in beating FIU.  That team isn't afraid of piling on the points.

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