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What's your theory on this team?

Guest BasketBull.

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Guest BasketBull.

...I'm still shell shocked. Not sure how we escaped that horrible game with a 'W'.

They've been practicing for quite some time now. How can all of that practice produce the last two games?

I'm very disappointed... I thought for sure that this was going to be a great year of USF football.

Did you know that FIU was on ESPN's bottom 10?

Let me put it this way: we trailed I-AA McNeese State for most of it and barely pull out a victory against newbee I-A FIU.

This USF team is worse than the USF I-AA teams in the past.

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Here's mine:  This is not our year, never was.  Next year perhaps, maybe the one after.  We have a lot of youth and inexperience on this team, especially in key positions on the offensive side of the ball.  Save for the receivers, it's a new offense with MG solidified now.

Both lines are young.  

I like the strength of our defense, but our offense will struggle as they mature.  CJL generally shows improvement in his team game to game, I look forward to watching us grow this year.  We will have some ups and downs, but oerall I think we are better as  a program now than many give credit for..we'll see.

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Guest Ari_Hinkelberger

We suck.  --  Lets see how the next two games go though.  I'm not going to throw the towl in yet.

One thing we have going for us is that we don't really play anyone all year.  Rutgers, Pitt are about it until we get to the end of the schedule...

But that was not a good football team I watched tonight.  

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