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Early report - SouthFloridaBulls.com Correspondent


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1 Down, 5 to go, Barely

Tampa, FL 09/09/06 - A cool gust of wind came blowing into the stadium just as Florida International University ran onto Raymond James Stadium before the game against the Bulls of South Florida.

As the Golden Panthers left the field another gust of wind was blowing. However this wind was not of natural origins. This wind was caused by the collective sigh of relief issued by Bulls Nation.

The Bulls might have been forgiven for looking ahead as they came into the game as a 20-point favorite. I am sure I wasn’t the only one putting a W up on the board and looking forward to the ‘real’ season start next week at UCF. 

Leavitt wasn’t.  

On his weekly TV show with Al Keck, ole coach JL says that he expected the game to come down to the wire with the game being won in the last minute. C’mon Jimbo, isn’t that just a tad of an overstatement? Typical statement handed out to the media to make sure his players keep their focus without adding fuel to the opposing team’s fire? Look, USF is part of the mighty BCS; FIU is part of lowly Sun Belt. We’ve got the savior Matt Grothe, a pro style defense and an additional five years of experience in D-1A football. 


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I wanted to add this into the article but felt it was too long already, so in a vain attempt to get my article back on top of the webpage..........

I am fat and lazy (and vain, see above) and I love sitting on my couch watching football no more than 10 seconds away from my next beer. I always debate about going to the games because that means I have to get my fat, lazy ass off the couch to get to the stadium. Usually I make it, very rarely I don't (see McNeese St.). I have been to the stadium to watch the Bulls more than forty times and have listened to the school fight song, the Bull round-up and then the stampede every time and it never, ever fails to give me goosebumps. I have to wonder why about that. Is it the comraderie, the team spirit, or is it the gratitude and love I have for USF? I would say a little of all but mostly the latter. Yes, I paid for my tuition, one bachelor's degree and two master's, I will be paying student loans for a long time coming. but I owe usf much, much more than that. I regained my self-value at USF, I earned degrees that gave me the ability to maintain gainful employment that allows me to live comfortably. I met my wife at USF, and that union has produced two beautiful little girls who will be the Bulls of the future. Yes, I am a Bull fan. Every win and loss reflects on my life because everything I have that is of any importance to me links in some way back to the University of South Florida

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get ready for a roller coaster ride

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I agree. This season is going to be rough, but I am ok with that as long as these young players get better for next season. I was pretty surprised that the coaches stuck with Grothe last night after he struggled. That was a great decision because I really think Grothe would have been very down on himself if he didnt get the chance to bring USF back.

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