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Opponent Message Board Links are up

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Just wanted to make all aware...

Also, please, when you visit other boards - provide a link back here so they know where you came from.  A simple link back to the TheBullsPen.com may lead to informative posts and debates as well as attract some new Bulls fans.

And, don't forget these two links:

Big East Links:  Full Page providing official site links, newspaper links, and message board links for all Big East teams - football and basketball.

2006 Schedule:  Some more updating done today, but more to do tonight - the schedule has start times, TV exposure, newspaper links, and message board links.

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And thanx for the newspaper links ...


Also, is there a place you can put the link that RTB started a thread on ... for Big east visiting teams ... seems like a great site.

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Any of you guys are welcome to come slum on our messageboard before the game if you wan't.   It is a Delphi messageboard and the Delphi basic member registration is free and allows you on any Delphi type messageboard.



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I have added RTB's Big East visitor link to the Big East Sites Page - which will be renamed to Big East Links.

I want to thank people for offering other sites for me to post.  I decided to post only one site for each team this year (on TheBullsPen.com - every link known for Big East sites are on the Big East Page) and this is how it was done:

Site listing priority:

1)  Independent site

Since we are an independent site, I feel it natural to support other independent site  - help to build their traffic as they would likey do with us - some already do.  When I cam across independent sites that lacked decent traffic, they were passed over.

2)  Rivals or Scout

If no worthy independent site was found, I linked to the most active Rivals or Scout board.  I determined this via a highly scientific method of taking a quick glance at each page.  I played no favorites and posted what I thought would be the best visit for TheBullsPen.com members.

I am open to changing the links should there be a recommendation.  

Furthermore, if I have left any good links off of the Big East page, please send me an email and I will add your recommendation.

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more sources for info


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Oh, and on the 2006 Schedule - the Pitt game will be a Big East Game of the Week...


Many BIG EAST contests will be broadcast by ESPN Regional Television as part of its BIG EAST Game of the Week package. The following dates and games were scheduled at press time. Many picks will be made later in the season as 12-day selections (schedule subject to change).

Sat.      Sept. 16      Cincinnati @ Ohio State

Sat.      Sept. 30      Navy @ Connecticut or Wyoming @ Syracuse

Sat.      Oct. 7      Pittsburgh @ Syracuse or Connecticut @ USF

Sat.      Oct. 14      Syracuse @ West Virginia or Cincinnati @ Louisville

Sat.      Oct. 21      Rutgers @ Pittsburgh or Louisville @ Syracuse

Sat.      Oct. 28      Syracuse @ Cincinnati

Sat.      Nov. 4      Pittsburgh @ USF

Sat.      Nov. 11      Cincinnati @ West Virginia or Pittsburgh @ Connecticut or Syracuse @ USF

Sat.      Nov. 18      USF @ Louisville or Rutgers @ Cincinnati or Connecticut @ Syracuse

Sat.      Nov. 25      Syracuse @ Rutgers or Cincinnati @ Connecticut or USF @ West Virginia

Kickoff for the BOLD games WILL NOT be known until 12 DAYS BEFORE



The following is the station lineup for the ESPN Regional/BIG EAST Game of the Week. The syndication network clearance report is by DMA Market. Additional Channels will be added prior to the season (Stations may not carry all games every week - check local listings or the BIG EAST web site for schedule).

Rank      Designated Market Area (DMA)

1      New York - MSG Network (RSN)

3      Chicago, Ill. - WCIU-TV (IND), WWME-TV (IND)

4      Philadelphia, Pa. - WPHL (WB), WPVI (ABC)

5      Boston, Mass. - WCVB (ABC), WMUR (ABC), WLVI (WB)

12      Tampa/St. Petersburg/Sarasota, Fla. - WFTS (ABC)

22      Pittsburgh, Pa. - WTAE (ABC)

24      Baltimore, Md. - TBA

28      Hartford/New Haven, Conn. - WTXX (WB), WTIC (FOX)

33      Milwaukee, Wis. - WMLW (IND)

34      Cincinnati, Ohio - WBQC (UPN), WXIX (FOX)

41      Harrisburg/Lancaster/Lebanon/York, Pa. - WHP (CBS), WLYH (UPN)

49      Buffalo, N.Y. - WNGS (IND)

50      Louisville, Ky. - WHAS (ABC), WBKI (WB)

51      Providence, R.I./New Bedford, Mass. - Cox

54      Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa. - WOLF (FOX), WSWB (WB)

55      Albany/Schenectady/Troy, N.Y. - Time Warner Cable

64      Charleston/Huntington, W.Va. - WCHS (ABC), WVAH (FOX)

74      Portland/Auburn, Maine - WPME (IND)

76      Syracuse, N.Y. - Time Warner Cable

79      Rochester, N.Y. - Time Warner

90      Burlington, Vt./Plattsburgh, N.Y. - Time Warner

108      Springfield/Holyoke, Mass. - Cox

142      Erie, Pa. - Time Warner

149      Bluefield/Beckley/Oak Hill, W.Va. - WOAY (ABC)

151      Bangor, Maine - WBGR (PAX)

154      Wheeling, W.Va./Steubenville, Ohio - WTOV (NBC)

156      Binghamton, N.Y. - Time Warner Cable

165      Clarksburg/Weston, W.Va. - WVFX (FOX)

166      Utica, N.Y. - Time Warner Cable

173      Elmira, N.Y. - Time Warner Cable

178      Watertown, N.Y. - Time Warner Cable


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^^ Other than the Pitt game.  All Big East Games of the Week kickoff at Noon.  USF has FOUR games (U Conn, 'Cuse, L'ville, and WVU) that could be added to the Pitt game as a GOTW.

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Thanks Jim...is WFTS still channel 28?

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