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Leavitt: Bulls Fortunate For Conf Affiliation


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From the Trib:

Leavitt: Bulls Fortunate For Conference Affiliation

Published: Nov 7, 2003


TAMPA - South Florida coach Jim Leavitt wouldn't discuss the Bulls' membership in the Big East with the local media on Tuesday, but offered his thoughts on a national radio broadcast Wednesday.

During halftime of Westwood One's broadcast of the TCU-Louisville contest, Leavitt was interviewed by Tommy Tighe about USF's move to the Big East.

``It's exciting for our institution,'' Leavitt said. ``You have to be careful sometimes. You're still playing in Conference USA. We're very fortunate to be in Conference USA. We worked seven years to get in Conference USA and now we're moving out.

``You want to acknowledge [C-USA]. Now the Big East has allowed us in. We're very fortunate.''

Leavitt said the biggest difference in joining the Big East will be recruiting.

``There's no question,'' Leavitt said. ``We have the opportunity to be in the BCS mix, hopefully that will stabilize. We can go into a recruit's home [with the lure of the BCS]. It will help in recruiting a lot.''

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Yes indeed.  To hear the Gnats talk it was a conspiracy to join the Big East.

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