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Could you please post those emails of the people at the Times we need to contact with a complaint?

I don't know about other editions of the paper but the Tampa one I picked up had NADA, ZILCH, NOTHING, BUPKUS about the girls playing today (except in the Sports on TV/Radio box) .........    >:(

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This was on another thread a while ago...

well, any time you have feedback about our USF coverage, good or bad, or something you think should be covered more or less than it already is, you can send an e-mail to sptsnews@sptimes.com ...

and e-mailed letters to the editor are always a good benchmark of reader interest. even if they're not printed in the paper, they're certainly read by our editors ...

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guys, we ran a full preview in friday's paper, complete with a feature on cristi ecks and a capsule previewing the game. just ran it a day early, because there was more space for it friday than saturday. ecks' photo ran above the fold on the front page of sports. you're welcome to send any e-mails to sptsnews@sptimes.com, but they'll tell you the same thing i just did ...

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