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Posting info from other sites

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When posting articles or information from other sites, especially news sites, please only copy the first paragraph or so and post a link.

There's a couple of reasons for this; first, the info is generally copywrited, and second, on sites like Greg's and Brett's blogs or TBO, the St Pete Times, etc., they gage the interest in USF stories by the hits on that site.  If you want more stories about USF, you have to create traffic to their sites.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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One amendment to the proposition and that is to please feel free to post the entire article if you wish.  For some of us, links are blocked and hence the need for the whole article.  But as mentioned, please post the link to the source. And as always, we encourage you to visit the site from which information is pulled, especially the local papers and blogs.  Feel free to use the links here to get to the SPT and TBO.  

Also, do not post any "premium" content from Rivals or Scout unless your name is Dave or Josh - or wish to  bring grief to me... ;D

The main thing is to post the source's link and for the rest of us to follow those links and support entities that support the Bulls.



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