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Lightning start season off on right foot

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Didnt get to see the game, but a great way to start the season off with a 5-1 victory. Looks like Stillman will have no problem replacing Prospal's points from last year starting off with 2 goals and an assist. Also great to see the Division Champs banner being raised.

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Screw the Lightning for opening on a night that should have been ALL about the Bulls. They didn't have to make Firday night THE opening night, did they? We knew as early as June or July that this game was going to be on Friday night and the Lightning didn't give a crap about that fact.

Hey-- I like the Lightning-- don't get me wrong there. But if we are partnering with them on other ticket promotions etc -- why can't they agree to give us some breathing room? Plenty of their fans are our fans as well.

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