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Love those Marlins


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Yeah, living in Tampa made me dislike the Huizenga era of the Marlins, but after he dumped his World Series team, the Marlins quickly became my underdog.  

That explains my longtime support of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Bulls.  I like the dog.

Anyway, I was a League Champion in ESPN Fantasy Baseball for six years in a row, and the entire time I was impressed with the stat-generators on the Marlins team.

I told other baseball fans about the Marlins' young talent and the disproportionate amount of losses relative to talent.    Sure John Boyle (whatever) was a nice guy , but a hindrance as a manager.

It's good to see this team succeed (mature)...on such a limited payroll...Beyond that, I believe real baseball fans that have followed the sport, aren't only surprised by the payroll, but admire the talent.

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AMEN brother !! long time MARLINS fan   never gave up on em, The used to spring train here in MELBOURNE and I worked for them for about five years through the glory day of 97' then Luria decided to move them to W.PALM  that bastard...we got stuck with the EXPOS. nice to see alot of the young talent was former Manatee players for Brevard. KEVIN MILLAR with the SOX is a former B.C. Manatee,Ryan Dempster and Edgar Rentaria as well keep on pickin their talent...look at a kid PRINCE FIELDER for your roster as well he is in the Brewers org. solid player.

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I grew sour on the Marlins when I was an undergrad at USF.  Namoli tried to buy the Giants and move them to St. Pete, but MLB stepped in.  Jerks.  I think that was the first or second season for the Marlins.  I was so P.O.'ed that MLB gave the expansion team to Miami, even though I am from S. Florida.  I hated how they butchered up Joe Robbie Stadium for baseball, and I swore that I would never root for that team.

My younger brothers became Marlins fans, and we watched that 1997 WS game 7 together when they were undergrads at USF.  Hating the Marlins would be like hating my bros, so I gave the Marlins a chance for that one game.  They did not disapoint me, and they won that game.

I  hated Huizenga for his fire sale, and I was pissed when MLB mentioned the Marlins and D-Rays for contraction.  Why not contract those loser Brewers and Tigers.  Those two teams have sucked for ages.  Sielig would never contract his Brewers.  I notice that new stadiums did not help the Tigers or Brewers.

I like how these Marlins have a good mix of young players and veterans.  I think this will be a good series.

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