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Conference realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

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Just now, hm101 said:

Objectively better. We just had our highest ranking in the Directors Cup in 6 years. That is a fact. 

Most people do not care about anything outside of football and then a distant second men’s basketball, no one measures success based on golf, softball and soccer programs that most people do not know exist and if not for title IX most would be cut tomorrow 

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1 hour ago, Triple B said:

Are there really that many mad at MK, outside of you and some who shall not be named, for our current predicament? Kelly's done what he can in his short time here to try and get things righted, in the ways he thinks he can.


1 hour ago, puc86 said:

Anyone that has the smallest amount of expectations cannot be happy with him at least not if they measure by results, it’s a directly declining line 

I said "mad at him" ...... and the answer is not many at this point. Although your madness may count for a dozen or so.

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Just now, Triple B said:


I said "mad at him" ...... and the answer is not many at this point. Although your madness may count for a dozen or so.

I’m not mad at him per se I am mad that people say everything sucks and it’s everyone else’s fault but he and CJS are doing an amazing job and we are so lucky to have them and that’s a bit tough to swallow when there has not been a single tangible improvement since they have stepped on campus. If people weren’t espousing  their greatness I wouldn’t feel nearly as compelled to expose their failures. I believe people are trying to convince themselves that they are great more so than trying to sell anyone else on it because it makes absolutely no sense and flies in the face of any and all benchmarks. 

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3 hours ago, MSBulls said:



As we move forward, USF will relentlessly pursue success one champion at a time and will be a leader among our American Athletic Conference peers.

Since we were invited to the Big East, we've watched eight conference-mates move ahead of us: Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rutgers, West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati, UCF, Houston. We are the only remaining member from 2005 and we're just spinning our wheels over and over and over again. I'm disgusted that the phrase 'American Athletic Conference peers' is being used at this point. The '05 BEast teams should be our peers, not whoever's getting dredged up from CUSA or the Sun Belt to cobble the conference back together. WE SHOULD HAVE NO PEERS IN THIS CONFERENCE!

Besides us, there are only two teams that used to be in a power conference and aren't anymore: UConn and Temple. UConn won a conference title and played in a NY6 game. We didn't. Temple got booted from the BEast due to non-competitiveness, kicked around in the MAC for six seasons, and then managed to get invited back and win a championship. It's hard to for me to argue that there's any team that's squandered their opportunities more than we have. UConn is in a worse spot overall but we wasted the most potential. We're in a major media market and recruiting hot bed, we had a national stage. But somehow we're substantially worse off overall as a program than we were when we got called up.

Disgusting that it takes this to get the administration to commit to a vague promise of 'developing resources and investing aggressively.' Why did it take three rounds of realignment to look into 'building on the foundation of success' whatever that means?

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33 minutes ago, puc86 said:

I’m not mad at him per se

So you're not including you in with "they":

2 hours ago, puc86 said:

I don’t think anyone is mad at them specifically about what happened more than 10 years ago they are mad at them for the portion they have been here


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