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New year, old plans: USF’s aspirations to build on-campus stadium over the years

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5 hours ago, John Lewis said:

It doesn't make much sense to have the OCS so far from the rest of Athletics

Agreed.  How about the area north of the football practice fields and south of Holley drive.  Looks like there are some recreational softball fields there now.  Would easily connect to the IPF and football center

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1 hour ago, Brad said:

That's a long walk.... about a mile.  Would need to be transported.  If it were on the southeast side not too bad...I know there is a lot of complaining on this board, but it is shocking to me that we don't have an ideal spot for this.  When I have inquired in the past I was told "we have one".  I'm guessing there has been too much disagreement to reserve significant space where it most makes sense.

Since when did a mile become a long walk…come on man…

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1 hour ago, psteazy said:

what odds, size bet, etc. would you be willing to engage in 'for' OCS as a reality during this decade?

I wouldn't put a dime on anything this decade. At best, construction is 2 years, but most likely, 3. That means we'd have to have the money AND an actual plan ready to go in 5 years to be playing in an OCS in 2029. 

Also, good read.



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