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Presidential Search Committee Selected


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2 hours ago, 86atlbull said:

#1 choice - USF background and got UH into the Big 12




100% not happening. End of story. She makes $1.4 million a year. We were paying Currall $575,000. Add to that, she's the chancellor of the entire Univ. Houston System. She'd take a step down in title and money.

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3 hours ago, 86atlbull said:

USF paid Judy over $1M and the USF job covers multiple campuses.  I would say its more of a lateral move but not impossible and would depend if she wants to come back to the Tampa Bay area etc... 

If we were willing to make someone literally the highest paid public school administrator in the country, we wouldn't have hired Currall  when Judy retired. It's not impossible, but it's also not happening. She'd be taking a 30%-40% pay cut, losing a title, and leaving Houston after opening a medical school, an OCS, and moving to the Big 12. They're going to name the campus after her before she's done and it still won't be enough to match what she's done for Houston the last 14 years.

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Announced that we'll know by January.



The targets, he said, will include the sitting presidents and provosts at all 130 U.S. universities that engage in top-level research, known as “Research I” universities. That group includes the 66 members of the American Association of Universities. Deans and research vice presidents will also be sought.

Pimentel said he is already in conversation with a dozen prospects.



Committee member Jose Valiente, who is chair of USF Foundation Board of Directors, alluded to Currall and suggested too much emphasis was being placed on academics.

“I think sometimes we get hung up on academia. That’s fine, it’s very important,’ Valiente said. “But that person is not going to be teaching a class. That person is going to be running a multi-billion dollar operation with thousands of employees under that person.”



Over the next few weeks, Griffin and Pimentel will embark on “listening sessions” and distribute an online survey asking for the public’s thoughts on a new USF president. They hope to start interviewing candidates by November and bring the process to a close before January’s state Board of Governors meeting, where the candidate will be confirmed



saying the right things so far...

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