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(Glass half Full Thread) Why I feel USF Football will win 8-10 games in 2021

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1 hour ago, CousinRicky said:

That is a pretty diverse group. Did you grow up in South Florida with NY parents?

My parents are from Haiti, but I was born in Columbus, Ohio. Right after I was born, my parents moved to New Orleans. They got a divorce and my mother took us to NY and my dad moved to Miami. I lived in NY for 3 years and then moved to Miami where I spent most of my childhood through my late 20s. I also went to UF for college. So yea, I kind of been all over and most of the teams I follow stem from a stop in my life. 

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18 hours ago, Gatorbull325 said:

Hello all,

I am bored, tired of talking about the Big 12 and we are officially 1 week away from fall camp. I am known for keeping my green and gold goggles on so I shall break down why I feel we will win 8-10 games this year. I am sharing my views and will not go back and 4th on my opinion nor do I want to make any bets. If you feel we will have a bad year, feel free to express yourself and all power to you. If you have your goggles on, go ahead and say why. We can circle back to this thread after our awesome 2021 season. Go Bulls!!!

Coaching staff: CJS has replaced 40 players and added new staff. I feel that Cam Aiken (RB), Bobby Bentley (WR & Passing Game Coordinator), Ernie Sims (LB), and AJ Artis (Strength & Conditioning) are awesome additions. Our biggest weakness last year was conditioning. I'm going to give an ex-SEC S&C coach the benefit of the doubt. 


  1. QB - I’m good with Fortin, Williams, March, or McClain. They all shined at the spring game. 
  2. RB - We have 7 running backs and 4 of them weigh 200Ibs or more. The other 3 have speed. 
  3. O-line - This will be the most improved position. CJC and Jarren Williams both mentioned being impressed with the O-line in their most recent interviews. I stand by having 2-4 future NFL players on this line. They will provide much more time for the passing game and make some holes for our Running game.
  4. TE - We are deep.
  5. WR - Unproven but deep and have a lot of speed. 
  6. Conclusion - Our offense is going to EXPLODE this year. We will be back to scoring at least 30 pts per game.

Defense: I am banking on Glenn Spencer working the same magic he did at FAU. FAU had the 92nd ranked defense and in 2018, after his first year in 2019, they were the 40th ranked defense. I will write off his first year here as getting to know the players and restrictions from the pandemic. The players were out of shape and had no formal camp. This year he knows what he is working with and had a full spring and fall camp. We were 122nd ranked total defense last year. I feel if we get our total rankings in the “60s” we should be OK. Hell, if USF can get the total defense ranked in the low 70s, that should be good enough with the offense we have. 

Conditioning: This defensive line is pretty old. At this point, they should be at their “college physical peak” due to their ages. If Pickney and Kegler can get their strength up we should be ok. Besides Thad Magnum, our defenses weren’t strong enough to overcome their size. S&C coach Trumain Carroll left the team in pretty good shape right before he left for KSU. A.J Artis came in from Tennessee and should have this Defensive line “physically” ready. 
Transfers:  Xander Yarborough and Jamari Stewart should be able to get us more sacks. I would still like another DT or DE transfer, but if these are the only 2 transfers we have to work with, I am good with them both. Jamari Stewart is a bit skinny, but I’m banking on him gaining some weight this off season. 

Below is my pre-fall camp depth chart....this is pretty much what we are working with this year

I copied this from ourlads.com


Offense #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
QB Fortin, Cade RS JR/TR Williams, Jarren RS SO/TR Marsh, Katravis SO McClain, Timmy FR      
RB Joiner, Kelley JR Battie, Brian SO Felix, Darrian RS SR/TR (200Ibs) Mangham, Jaren JR/TR (200Ibs) Parker, Leonard RS SO (200Ibs) Hamilton, Mychael SO (200Ibs) Young, Yasias SO
TE Brinkman, Mitchell GR/TR Carter, Chris RS JR Nance, Thomas RS SO Greenwald, Gunnar FR Willis, Holden SO Akepeu, Flaubert RS SO  
WR-X Weaver, Xavier JR Terry, Yusuf RS FR/TR Brown, Sincere SO Reynolds, Garret SO      
WR-Y Miller, Bryce RS SR/TR Dollison, Omarion SO Horn Jr., Jimmy FR Atkins, Sean RS SO Helms, Christian RS SO    
WR-Z Williams, Latrell RS SR/TR Berryhill, Logan RS SO Tshivuadi, Nickolas FR Cucci, Michael SO      
O-Line #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
LT Jennings, Donovan SR Blanchard, Joshua RS SO Reyes, Cesar SO        
LG Harris, Demetris RS SR Sainterling, Sebastian RS JR Bikowski, Remy SO/TR        
OC Cecil, Brad SR Hall, Dustyn RS SO Manconi, Patrick SO        
RG Wiggs, Michael GR Greene, Uriah SO McDuffie, Matthew RS SO        
RT Jacobs, Demontrey RS
Kilfoyl, Andrew FR Hopple, Jarrett GR/TR        
DEFENSE #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
DE Xander Yarborough Thaxton, Ryan RS SR/TR Kirby, Stacy RS JR Incoming Transfer :) Grant, Darrien RS SR    
NT Pinkney, Kelvin GR Green, Blake GR/TR Kegler, Kevin GR        
DT Mangum, Thad, GR/TR Yates, Rashawn SR Incoming Transfer :) TYRONE BARBER SR      
LEO Stewart, Jamari FR/TR Vaughn, Jason JR Logan, Tramel SO LE'VONTAE CAMIEL      
WLB Boyles, Dwayne SR Bellamy, Demaurez JR Harris, Mac SO Helton, Keyon RS JR Nash, Jamal SO/TR Hicks, Davon FR  
MLB Grier, Antonio SR Mims, Andrew RS SR Norris, Brian RS JR Copeland, Randal RS JR Gobler, Camp RS SO Ross, CJ FR  
CB Evans, Daquan JR Knox, Ben SO Ervil, Lubens SO/TR Nealy, Gabe FR Purcell, Bailey SO    
SS Robinson, TJ RS SO/TR Hill, Matthew RS SO/TR Curry, Jayden RS SO Smith, Jordan SL      
FS Jones II, Will RS FR/TR Davis, Vincent SR LaPointe, Mekhi RS SR Gentry, Cody SR Herring, Jalen FR    
CB Williams, Christian SO/TR Stokes, Jaelen FR Cromarty, Isaiah RS SR/TR Green, Joshua SR/TR STANLEY, DEQUAN FR    
STAR Townsel, Christopher SO Nichols, Brock GR/TR Turner, La'Javier SO        
#1 #2          
PT Stokes, Andrew FR Scribner, Kenny RS SO          
PK Shrader, Spencer JR Sackett, Jared SR/TR          
KO Shrader, Spencer JR            
LS Bernard, Bryce SO Deneen, Ian SR          
H Schneider, Trent GR/TR Stokes, Andrew FR          
PR Atkins, Sean RS SO Williams, Latrell RS SR/TR          
KR Dollison, Omarion SO Terry, Yusuf RS FR/TR          

USF had a number of problems last year that I don't think will be repeated this year. First, I think we will settle in on a quarterbac, probably Fortin (although he does seem injury prone). Williams (the most likely backup) did well with Miami until he got happy feet late in the season, so I'm hoping a couple more years of maturity eases that. Marsh wasn't ready but did show some talent. McClain is new so I don't expect him to contribute on the field this year. Running back was pretty good especially Battie who averaged over 7 yards per carry but like Fortin he seems injury prone. Once the WR position was changed later in the season (the original starters seemed like they were going through the motions for a while) the passing game greatly improved. OL was a mess at the beginning of the season due to COVID and injuries but it settled down later in the season. While the offense was up and down like a yoyo it did get better as the season wore on. 

Defense is a different story. The DL was just not good enough last year. It rarely got pressure on QBs and just couldn't seem to stop the running game. The DL play was poor enough  it made the rest of the defense look bad as well. I don't know how well the LBs can play since they were constantly having to deal with blockers that blew past the DL. The secondary was also poor but with no pressure on the QB the other teams offenses had a lot of time to pick and choose receivers. On the good side of the equation USF had players that choose not to play last year on defense (due to COVID, which included 2 starters from 2019). Add in the injuries and other COVID issues and USF was playing with a pieced together defense by the end of the season. Remember COVID had such an effect on the defense that we had to cancel the Navy game because we didn't have enough players to field a defense. 

Add in that USF played very well against Memphis, Temple, UCF, and Cincinnati. The Memphis and Temple games were very winnable while turnovers were the story for UCF (two fumbles that led to 2 UCF TDs) and Cincinnati (three interceptions, 2 inside our 30). This indicates to me that USF has a better team than most are thinking. Is it enough to challenge for the east? No, but I think the team will not be at the bottom of the league and will probably win 4 - 6 games.

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11 minutes ago, Buller64 said:

Add in that USF played very well against Memphis, Temple, UCF, and Cincinnati. The Memphis and Temple games were very winnable while turnovers were the story for UCF (two fumbles that led to 2 UCF TDs) and Cincinnati (three interceptions, 2 inside our 30). This indicates to me that USF has a better team than most are thinking. Is it enough to challenge for the east? No, but I think the team will not be at the bottom of the league and will probably win 4 - 6 games.

It is true that if they can clean up those issues, it would take a lot of points off the board.

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39 minutes ago, bulloni said:

Would you rather beat UF and UCF and go 8-4 in some mid-tier bowl game, or go 10-2 with those being our only losses but we win the conference and go to a NY6 bowl?

That's easy.  Option 1.  I'll gladly go to whatever .com Nut bowl.  

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