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Is It Time to Think About Moving Down to the FBS Level - Seriously?

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1 minute ago, Gatorbull325 said:

Than act like a fan and quit  freaking crying. I'm sure you don't teach your kids to GIVE UP or start whining when things don't go their way. Just like you use a middle eastern woman as an example, I can use UCONN or Rutgers as an example. Teams suck and team get better and team win....that is the f******* cycle of college football. Whether we suck or is a good team, I shall always be optimistic period. 

Especially when you "agree" that the right coaching hiring was made.

I don't get bry's motivation at all.

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This is too melodramatic and reactionary for even my taste 

Et tu, Brad .... ?

So you start a ridiculous thread, with an inane question that you already know the answer to is "No" ....

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15 minutes ago, Gatorbull325 said:

Once again, I never understood miserable people on this board and in real life. Just be miserable by yourself. Why try to drag us in your abyss? Facts - There are many teams that sucked and eventually turned **** around and became a good team. I believe USF will be one of them. If you don't want to believe then why bother be a fan? Just give up already and go find another team. I read in a thread somewhere that Coastal Carolina and Liberty are better programs. Maybe you can buy their gear and start rooting for them. UF if playing pretty well. Go ahead and support my Alma Mater. You can take my place since I no longer follow Gator football. Either way, go be happy my friend. Stop dwelling in negativity. 

🤘🤘🤘🤘Preach GIF

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7 minutes ago, brybull1970 said:

You're missing the point. The game isn't on the field, its off the field. Its about the future of the athletic program and how we create an environment where student-athletes recruit us and not the other way around. That's not crying - its about making the aspirational a reality.

Its about being more than a fan, but being an agent of change.

To be honest, you can write letters and go confront the AD in person, but in the end, they want to win as well. No coach comes to this school purposely trying to lose. No AD comes to this school to fail. So in the end,  we ALL WANT TO WIN. I personally will just sit back and enjoy the ride whether we win or lose. 

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48 minutes ago, brybull1970 said:

I wouldn't disagree with you that everyone wants to win, but I do question if our leaders have always been willing to do what is necessary to be win or successful (looking at you CCS).

In the end, it didn't work out with CCS...get the f**** over it. I personally don't feel Taggart left him much, he had a lot of 3 star recruits that underachieved or he did not develop well, and I still like a handful of his recruits. You need to eradicate this bitterness and and negativity out of your soul my friend. I promise you, we will get better and things will work out. 

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24 minutes ago, brybull1970 said:

Settle down bruh. I'm using CCS as an exception to your statement that everyone wants to win.

"Settle down"...thats my point to you son. Relax, it will be ok. 

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On 11/15/2020 at 1:05 PM, Triple B said:

Absolutely nothing ...... so we fire them both now or wait until the end of the season?

Absolutely. Especially with Muschamp now on the market.

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