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Justin&Jason/The Blitz/WDAE 620-BE shouldn't b BCS

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These guys were bustin' on the BE & USF a little Monday.  They seem to be a couple of decent fellows  :). I tried to call in.  Had to wait to long so later that nite I sent an email to argue the point.  Thought it might be some decent reading material here.  It's long so you're gonna need a few minutes.

Jason & Justin

Sigh...Listened to you two this afternoon.  If I was your father I'd gnaw on both of your butts for bustin' on the home team (USF Bulls) and it's conference (BE).  Geez, bet you guys wouldn't be doin' that crap w/the Bucs being the official radio station.  Yall need to give the 9th season old USF Bulls a break for cryin' out loud.  FYI, the biggest reason the postponed WVU@USF football game was not played Sat. Oct. 29 is because WVU plays Wednesday Nov. 2. There is not enuff recover or practice time for WVU.  Its not about protecting an injured QB.  WVU's second team QB may be more dangerous than the 1st team QB b/c he arguably is more mobile.  Additionally, considering the game was postponed on Wednesday nite, there were only 24 hrs to get plans in place to get the 'Neers to Tampa 24 hrs earlier to play Friday and that all important officials crew (Note the sarcasm here.).  Pretty short notice if you ask me.  With that said, of course the BE is going to protect is marquee team.  Why wouldn't they if they can?  They need to with Jamokes like you two bad mouthing the home D1 team.   If you were thinking positively, putting the WVU game in Dec,.may actually hurt WVU since USF may need that game to be bowl eligible.  It is well known the Bulls can be a beast at home.  Just ask the Knights & Cards.  And just think how fresh Andre Hall will be with a 4 week rest in the middle of the season.

Now for the BE.  There are 6 auto-bid conferences.  Some one has to be the sixth best...or worse.  Of course that's going to be the conference that lost this yr's BCS 3rd, 8th & 12th teams as of this week.  Its going to take time to match that poll power when 1 of the 3 replacing teams is in its 9th season and another isn't even the third best in its own state.  If the BE isn't the 6th who is?  The MWC, MAC, CUSA, or the WAC?  Do you realistically believe TCU can beat WVU & Louisville?  Speaking AP poll, WVU is ranked ahead of both the MWC's & WAC's only ranked teams.  CUSA's USM (Tulsa or UTEP are better.) is getting one vote and the MAC's Toledo is getting 9.  Louisville is basically ranked 26th with 126 votes.  So, the BE will have a top 15 & top 20 team if WVU & UL run the table which is probably the case unless Pitt can win in Morgantown (yea right) or USF can get it's crap together & beat WVU.  No other conference realistically has that possibility.  With all that written, which conference replaces the BE.  None of those mentioned has enuff punch to convincingly overthrow the BE.  The other 5 BCS conferences are not going to take the sixth spot away either b'cuz that would drop a litigation nuclear bomb.  The BE may not be a FB juggernaut but it arguably has more large TV markets than MWC, WAC, CUSA, MAC or Sun Belt combined.  As we all know TV markets equal money and money equals power.  Enuff said 'bout dat...right?

Let's look at some W's & L's of the BE & other leagues.  WVU's only loss is to the undefeated VaTech.  UL's only losses are to a freak game at RJS and a triple OT in Morgantown.  TCU lost to SMU....SMU!...SMU!  WVU also destroyed Maryland.  UL destroyed Oregon St and North Carolina to the tune of 132-41.  As for Fresno, that schedule is not even worth discussing.  What other midmajors might be better than WVU or UL?  UTEP?  Tulsa?  Okay, maybe at home if "Angels on the Football Field" are present but never on the road.  As for the rest of the BE, it will probably play out as Rutgers, Pitt, UCONN, USF, Syracuse or Cincinatti.  IMO, Rutgers will finish 5-2/8-3 if they beat the Bulls & Navy but losing @UL.  Pitt will lose two more at WVU & UL finishing at 4-3/5-6 in conference.  IMO Pitt will not beat WVU in Morgantown 'cuz the 'Neers have payback in mind.  As for the rest of USF's schedule, Rutgers is probably a L, at Syracuse is a pick 'em 'cuz the Bulls are just unpredictable on the road, Bulls should beat Criminatti, @UCONN is another pick 'em and coming home for the final game maybe needing the win for a Bowl game is probably a 40-60 chance for USF.  But WVU is known for blowing a game once a yr.  See the game @Pitt in '04.  USF could end up 4-3/6-5 going to a bowl.  For the sake of BE's, hopefull the wins are 3 of the 4 @Rutgers, @Syracuse, Criminatti, and @UCONN.

Come on guys.  Give the BE some more time.  WVU is young.  USF is young defensively and at WR.  Bulls won't be QB challenged forever either.  Carlton Hill, Greg Gregory or Matt Grothe will pan out.  Pitt's Tyler Palko is a junior w/an NFL defensive mind for a HC.  UL's Brian Brohm is a sophomore.  Rutgers is recruiting SoFlo hard now.  Get on the band wagon and support the home team and it's conference from now on.  Kay?  Thanx for your time to read this all this BS.

Douglas Preston aka Bulldoug & Bull92

Justin's Reply

From: Justin Pawlowski

Sent: Oct 25, 2005 1:35 PM

To: dougpreston@earthlink.net

Subject: Re: BE & WVU@USF

Great points!!!  My only question is, "why should we and/or anyone give USF a break?"  They are in a major conference now.  No one would want to see USF succeed more than I would.  I am currently a student there and absolutely love my school and what they have done.  Along with that, my father is a graduate of USF and agreed with all the points I made personally.  All I said, was that USF is a far better home team than they are on the road, and that they have a less than mediocre passing game.  Are those not facts?  I can't speak for Jason, I can only control what I say!!!!  If anything, I was right behind USF the whole time.  I don't want to see USF not play at home for 8 straight weeks, when alternatives were there for the Big East to consider.  Oh, and about us and the Bucs, if you would have listened to our shows last season when the Bucs sucked, you would have heard us criticize them just as much, if not more.  I really appreciate you listening and your feedback!!!!

-Justin Pawlowski

My Reply to Justin

Thanx for the return email.  See the homes of the USF fanatics on the following websites.  You might pick up some USF fan insight & a fan or two for your show.  Not all the MB maniacs are unrealistic.



Doug Preston (USF Class of '92)

Jason's Reply

Sent: 10/25/05 8:26:53 PM  

Subject: Re: BE & WVU@USF


My problem with SOME USF fans is that they will call a loss a moral victory. At this stage of the USF program, you should not have moral victories. Coach Leavitt is bulilding this team for 2-3 years from now. Right now, they have NO passing game at all and they are a team that is built to have a lead. There defense has stepped up this year after having an off year last season. The Big East is no longer a power conference in Division 1. The Big East biggest fear has happened, with being Louisville having a bad season. They were hoping that they would go undefeated and have a high BCS ranking. As of right now, how can the Big East justify an automatic bid and after the 2007 season, I would expect for the automatic bid for the Big East to go away. Even though we may disagree on things, I do appreciate you listening to the show and giving us your opinions. I have seen the bulls pen page before and it is always good to listen to what fans think.

Jason Floyd

My Counter Point to Jason's Reply

douglas preston <dougpreston@earthlink.net> wrote:


I been to every USF home game for 9 seasons and to 6 road games (Troy State, 1st ECU, AL, SC, PSU and UM).  I don't call the losses to PSU or UM moral vix.  They are respectable losses considering both teams are in the Top 10.  And the Pitt loss was an embarrasment in coaching and player readiness.  The Leavitt & Smith the OC should be ashamed.  True & knowledgable USF don't make excuses.  We need better bleepin' QB and OL play.

You are wrong about the BE losing its BCS bid after 2007.  Tranghese is a BCS chair person and the BE has strong TV markets- Tampa, PIttsburgh, Newark/NY, Syracuse/NY, State of WV, Cincinnatti, Louisville, & Hartford/State of CN.  The MWC is the closest to the BE and its best team is no better than UL or WVU.  Heck, USF beat them in Dallas last yr.  Louisville proved the WAC's best team ever wasn't up to the task either in 2004.  Forget CUSA, MAC or Sunbelt becoming a BCS con.

Remember, Pitt and Syracuse are past national champs.  WVU just missed out on a nat. champ in two different seasons.  UCONN, in one of the northeast's richest states per capita will use political clout to maintain the BCS.  Same for WVU with the politics.  College football was started by Rutgers and is NJ only D1A program.  The BE is a very wealthy conference too with the exception of USF & Cincinatti.  Much richer than the likes of the MWC, WAC, MAC, CUSA, or Sun Belt.  The sixth BCS bid is not going to be canceled either b/c then the BCS teams in D1 would be a minority and an anti-trust lawsuit would be filed by the rest of the D1 schools because they would be the majority.  Then say bye bye to the BCS forever.  And back to the old bowl system.  Personally, I'm a pro play-off guy.

Mark my words.  WVU will be a No. 12 or higher in the BCS poll and Louisville will be a top 20 BCS poll team.  Meaning the BE will have the two teams that were top 20 BCS teams in 2004 & 2005 b4 the bowl games because UL's final finish last season counts for the BE.  By 2006 and 2007, USF will be extremely competitive as long as a QB steps up.  BTW, you are also wrong about USF not built to come from behind.  Look at the offensive scheme and WRs.  It's meant to be wide open.  The problem since Marquel Blackwell left is there hasn't be a QB to run it.  The QB's recruited for it went to Maryland in '02, Tennesse in '03, and Florida in '04.  USF finally got two recruits in 2005 (Hill & Grothe) and two transfers (Denson & Gregory).   So, God willing & the creek don't rise & USF maintains is speed on defense USF will be in a BCS bowl in the next half decade.

Douglas Preston

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I don't know about anyone else, but I find it absolutely painful to listen to those guys.  They are horrible.  One of them sounds like he has a permanent sinus condition or something........not exactly good for radio.  

This is why the only shows I listen to on WDAE are Ron and Ian between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. and the Big Dog between 3 and 6 p.m.

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The funny thing is that I believe Jason played football for UCONN not long ago. He keeps bragging about how Jim Leavitt was recruiting him out of HS, but he did not want to go to USF because of the trailors. For them to rip on the BIG EAST shows you that they are taking the easy way out and being followers IMO. They need more originality on that show.

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Thread was supposed to be about the BCS & the BE, not if JnJ are worth a ****.  Personally, I appreciated and enjoyed the email debate with both of them.  And No they aren't ESPN or FoxSportsNet radio but they were giving USF some pub even if it was negative.  That was my debate w/them.  As a TB radio sports talk station, they should be talking for the BE & not against it.

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