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Got a minute? Solomon Jones, USF SR., C

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By GREG AUMAN, Times Staff Writer

Published October 26, 2005


A big priority for you in the offseason was bulking up, putting on some muscle to hold up against the big men of the Big East. How'd that go?

Last year, at the end of the season, I weighed in at 208, and now I'm like 225-230, solid. It's given me a good confidence, because I feel stronger.

What's the best nickname among the eight new players on this team?

We really haven't figured out good nicknames yet this year. (Guard James Holmes) is still Smooth, and that's the big nickname we have.

What CD are you listening to right now?

Young Jeezy. Music-wise, I've been listening to him.

Is there an NBA player you pattern yourself after?

I want to make my game more like Kevin Garnett's. It's going to take a lot of work. He has some of everything in his game. Putting it on the floor, working around the basket, out on the perimeter. He can do it all. Rebounding, blocking shots, I don't think there's anything he can't do.

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I am impressed by Jones' size increase...

he and Frane are the same size now (on paper anyway).  both 6'10, 230.

Frane looks wider/bigger in person.  I hope the strength translates into more points and some rebounding on the defensive side.

I still think we are going to be pleasantly surprised by Melvyn Richardson... 6'7 225-230, and he is smooth with his back to the basket.  

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Confidence is a big part of that.  If his increased size gives him more confidence, that might help significantly.  If it doesn't, then he'll be the same player that is best as a weak side defender helping out and getting offensive putbacks dunks.

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Guest S.  Bien
His size increase does not mean anything to me, simply because last year he was afriad to catch or touch the ball when it came his way! That's good that he is more confident now though...

It should mean much to you because you're not carrying the weight.  I don't recall where Jones was concerned what his increase size meant to you.

Odd, Solomon Jones really came on late in the season.  Maybe a bigger, and stronger Jones means he can carry that momentum throughout the year.

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SoJo will surprise this year...I saw a lot of potential last season.  I'm comfortable with him down in the paint.  I am very much looking forward to the season.  it's going to be a tough one, but I think RMc showed us he is a solid coach and knows how to win while building a program.

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